• Cured meats

    Cured meats


    Italian, Polish, Hungarian…even French inspiration, using the best Free Range British Pork

  • Free Range:

    Free Range:

    Our pigs live content in “God’s country”, Yorkshire. Read about the girls here http://www.annashappytrotters.com/

  • Hand Made:

    Hand Made:

    Our products are all made by hand rather than machine

  • Artisan:


    High-quality, distinctive products made in small quantities

  • Full Bodied:

    Full Bodied:

    Full of strength, flavour and richness

Who we are

Started by a “real” Italian (the one tending the swine) and continued by a merry band of British and Polish

What we do

Our cured meats are a combination of great free range British meat and top quality spices with European craft and tradition in curing, hanging and smoking every part of the animal.